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    Warm shoes,Charging shoes,Deodorant shoes,Heating shoes(1)
    Warm shoes,Charging shoes,Deodorant shoes,Heating shoes(7947)
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    Company Introduction


       ShenZhen XinHuiKang science and technology limited company is a high and new
    technology enterprise . It’s concentrate on the science and technology electronics
    development 、production and sale. The main production has : XinHuiKang  intelligence
    electron health shoes, XinHuiKang  solar battery(all-purpose), fieldworker’s electron
    maintainswarmth clothes and so on . The  company researches and develops for six
    years .Production craft technical team take the quality, the service, the innovation ,
    and the  brand as an objective. During innovation practice ,company will make more
    progress diligently . “Strives for survival by the product quality, Strives for the
    development by the technical innovation ”. Struggle for creates the humans health .

    “XinHuiKang ” Intelligence electron health shoes,In chinese native    
     medicine health care foundation ,Through  Australian  State  Sydney
     University master “ChenNan NiKe”s  research for 13years , uses the
    front high world  new science and technology, special material , after
     many  times  tests  and  proof  , and  then  produces  the  intelligence
    electron  health  shoes .

     ChenNan Nike Sydney University

    Creates the humanity to deliver warm, keep health the first shoes.

    The foot of old person decline first , and keeping in good health first for foot .
    The foot is the most sensitive part in the body, In the medicine also calls
    “the second heart". So the foot becomes the best area :keeping in good
    health and massage physical therapy .

    XinHuiKang ---Intelligence electron health shoes is global original creation
    at present .It’s the new intelligence electron health shoes and include six
    main functions : heatting , warm controls, drying ,sterilize , deodorization , keeping health

    Product Introduction  Product patent number :( 200720120688.2)
    Put the system which is electronic, pulse, heats and massage into ordinary shoes
    warehouse , use the transmits heat switch , adjustment frequency length , then the
    users can got the suitableand comfortable temperature . wear on day , charge in night .
    make ordinary shoes have effect : warm ,massage and keep health in sunmmer .


    Product Principle
    The battery in the heel of Intelligence electron health shoes is the electric power
    supply , through electric circuit and switch connection ,  control the chip then got
    affect : heatting and constant temperature, Intelligence electron health shoes use two
    Functions of the “intelligence heats the chip” : heatting and constant temperature , can
    lasts the pulse give off most suitable “life temperature” , and then stimulates the full
    bottom,may invigorate the circulation of blood to sparse classics of human  body ,
    promote blood microcirculation ,adjust the blood vigour , improve the supersession
    function that the human body organizes , promote functionalregeneration of nerve cell.


    Adapt to crowd

    The old people , boss , white collar , cadre , deficiency of the kidney , woman ,
    teen-agers , subhealthy , big pressure people ,the Hong-Kong foot , oil field worker ,
    railroad worker , frontier station scholar , the heart brain go over work.


    Honestly invites the business agent, alliance business,
    the partner, altogether creates great undertaking that is :
    humanity to deliver warm and guarantees the health first shoes .

    ShenZhenXinHuiKangscience and technology limited company
    Add : Guangmingxinqu,SongBaiRoad,No.838 ShenZhen China.                    
    Post : 518107
    Tel : 86-0755-29628513           Fax : 86-755-23429130
    National free service hot line : 8009996163 
    Product patent number : 200720120688.2


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  • Warm shoes,Charging shoes,Deodorant shoes,Heating shoes
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